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Protection and support for children, young people, and families

With the help of our interdisciplinary experts, we are at the side of children, young people, and families all over Luxembourg and offer support measures to protect the well-being of the child. We aim to work together with families on a voluntary basis, actively accompanying them step by step to achieve their goals.

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Regional offices

We are at your side throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The fourteen regional children's offices welcome you by appointment.


ORE Differdange
Gravity Building 4th floor
2 John Ernest Dolibois Street
L-4573 Differdange


65B, Zénon Bernard Street
L-4031 Esch-sur-Alzette


41, Rue de la Forêt
L-3471 Dudelange


2A Prince Henri Avenue
L-6735 Grevenmacher


5 Thomas Edison Street
L-1445 Strassen


H2O Building
33, rue de Gasperich
L-5826 Hesperange


57, Main Street
L-9050 Ettelbruck


8 Nic Kreins Avenue
L-9536 Wiltz


12, Route de Mondorf
L-5552 Remich


CMN (Nordstrooss Medical Center)
1, Marbuergerstrooss
L-9764 Marnach


5, rue des Prés
L-7561 Mersch


10, Um Buer
L-6695 Rosport Mompach


74, Grand-Rue
L-8510 Redange Sur Attert

For parents

(single parents, adoptive parents,
foster parents)

For children
and young people


Parenting forums are a welcoming place for parents to exchange information and provide support.


Parents wishing to adopt a child can apply to the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. The Ministry is the central authority for the purposes of the 1993 Hague International Convention on Adoptions.

Host family

Becoming a foster family, is about providing a child with a stable family environment, protecting his or her well-being and defending his or her interests.

Providers' area

Are you a professional in the child and family care sector? Here you will find all the information you need about the “Office National de l’Enfance”.


Children's rights

under this link you will be redirected to the children's rights website

Support &

Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Outside opening hours?

In case of psycho-social distress, contact our Helpline which is provided by psycho-educational staff